Communication is KEY!

How often do you hear communication is key to a successful relationship? 👂

Well, let me make it clear and help someone in the process:

Communication WITH YOUR PARTNER is key 🔑

It's essential to discuss our problems, concerns and frustrations! But with God FIRST - to ask for the right words, a calm tongue, and sure resolution, then our partners!!!! Not our mothers, best friends, siblings, coworkers, FACEBOOK or ANYONE else.!

Too often, we discuss our issues with the wrong people, expecting to resolve them.! Even with good information, SHARE IT WITH YOUR PARTNER FIRST.! Listen to me!!! If you're wondering why you and your partner don't have anything to talk about anymore, it's because you're talking to someone else! New job..tell facebook, new car.. call your best friend, got a promotion..brag to your coworkers.! By time you get around to telling your partner, it's old news and nothing to talk about.. Got to keep your partner in the loop to maintain a strong bond and connection.! #Message