Waiting for the ONE!

As years have gone by, I've noticed the girls who stayed focused in school , focused on themselves 👸, and set goals in life are the ones married 💏 or #waitingfortheone!

🚨 In 2017, being someone's wife is no longer the only accomplishment women can achieve!! There is far more to gain in life than a life partner.🚨

Do not waste your youth being consumed with the boy chase! It's really a dead end full of heartache, pregnancy, and disease! ⚠️ Step out of the crowd and take this time to WAIT! And by wait, I do not mean sleep around or chill with every guy willing to take you out and spend dollars. 🚻

Do understand, my ladies that are #waitingfortheone, aren't laying low! 👸 They are establishing themselves.. earning degrees, stabilizing careers, building their worth! 🎓💻💸

💡💡 #GoodMenNoticeGoodWomen 💡💡

You don't have to expose your body to attract a good man; expose your BRAIN!! 📖 He will come!! And that's when you will look to the sky and say, "God, this you?" 😍 Lol because God has already designed a man perfect for YOU. 👫 So WAIT for him.

But while you wait for the man you deserve, focus on becoming the woman he deserves! 💃

Love y'all! 😁 #LissaToldMe